Seeing stars with PacificSource

We took over PacificSource's MTM program at the start of 2015. In our first year, we increased their CMR completion rate from 29.1% to 65.7%. The next year, we hit 85%.

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Raising the CMR completion rate to 5 stars was key in improving the Part D Summary for one plan, it will take improving their Part C measures to get them to 4 stars overall. They are beginning to use MTMCare to help with Part C measures (like Med Rec Post Discharge.)

It was the beginning of a
beautiful friendship...

In 2014, PacificSource was working with another major MTM vendor. In that first year, they achieved CMR Completion rates of just 29.1% and 37.7% for their two plans– only a 2 and 3 STAR rating!


With these CMR completion rates, PacificSource only received 3.5 STARS overall. This gave us a frowny face, so we decided to look deeper...

And awaaay we go.

In 2015, PacficSource chose myMTMcare as their partner. In our first year, the CMR completion rates climbed to 65.7% and 65.3% for their two plans – a 4 STAR rating for both. What a jump!


PacificSource still received just 3.5 STARS overall, but we're making good progress!

The year of the rising star
(5 of them, actually).

It took some time to get to know PacificSource's population, but in our second year, we began establishing trust and consistency as patients became more familiar with the process and value of a CMR. In 2016, we achieved CMR completion rates of 83% and 85% for their two plans–5 STARS across the board.


That helped them raise their Part D STAR rating to 4.5 for both plans, and 4 and 3.5 overall. Boom! Another year of improvement!

The bottom line.

myMTMcare's consistency and high-quality care improved PacificSource's Part D measures and allowed one of their plans to move from 3.5 to a 4 STARS. Among other benefits,  4 STARS means Medicare bonus dollars! 


PacificSource's Part C measures are holding us back from achieving 4 STARS in both plans. The myMTMcare team is on the offensive, exploring all opportunities to improve their Part C measures and raise the bar for the 3rd year in a row! We're in it for the long haul– so check back for the next chapter of the PacificSource story.

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