Medication Therapy Management for small to mid-size health plans.

Hi, We're MyMTMcare. We’re on a mission to give small to midsize health plans greater control, more effective outreach, and higher CMR completion rates.

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We saw a problem.
And we decided to fix it.

MTM vendors make big promises on traditional, one-size-fits-all programs, but consistently under-deliver—and they still get paid, despite poor results. If you want a performance guarantee, you have to pay even more!


Retail pharmacists are limited by their environment and lack the time to help patients understand how a CMR can help them. And, most telephonic vendors rely on a rotating roster of students, inexperienced pharmacists, and call center staff that read from a standardized script.

A partner that speaks
your language.

Most MTM vendors prefer large health plans. These vendors can’t flex to meet the unique needs of smaller populations—they force all plans into the same crowded, stuffy box. That’s not us.


We let you call the shots. We understand the unique needs of small to midsize health plans— not all health plans fit in the same box. That’s the difference between an MTM “vendor” and a real partner.

Can you hear me now?

You can’t improve performance if you can’t get the CMR. And, you can’t get the CMR with a one-size-fits-all-patients approach. We know how to overcome common objections to CMRs and adapt our approach to the patient. Telephonic CMRs remove barriers and allow patients to complete their CMR in their time and place.


It’s the combination of a thoughtful, empathetic approach and connecting with people in their time that helps us win over that last 20% of patients that other vendors can’t reach.

Talk is cheap.

Our approach is different, and therefore our numbers are different. And by different, we mean outstanding. For starters, our numbers are real, and provable—we don’t do fine print.

And awaaay we go. 

When "vendors" fail, partners step in. We took over PacificSource Health Plan's MTM program at the start of 2015. In our first year, we increased their CMR completion rate from 29.1% to 65.7%. The next year, we hit 85%. Hello, FIVE STAR rating!


Toot, toot! (that's the sound of us tooting our own horn.)

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The industry's pricing model leads to bare-minimum service at the lowest cost possible. So, we made pricing easier and more effective for our health plan partners. Just complete the story below and we'll calculate your estimated program costs in real-time.

Once upon a time, there was a named who was stuck with an MTM vendor that offered no flexibility, poor communication, and even worse results - all for an arm and leg, and some gold teeth. knew that deserved better. With the right partner, was confident they could achieve a CMR completion rate for their health plan members. To be sure, had a per member per month estimate instantly emailed to , but...

We won't know how the story ends until you fill in the blanks.


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